"Working with the team at Regrow was critical to providing independent tools through DNDC and OpTIS that enable a science-based, low-cost, low-touch system to create economically viable carbon removal opportunities for the entire agricultural value chain. The team brings a real spirit of collaboration to their partnerships."

Jeff Seale, PhD
Director of Climate Policy & Strategy and Science Fellow, Bayer U.S.

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In collaboration with Regrow, Indigo Agriculture designed a protocol to reduce methane emissions by 10%. Given that rice production contributes to 35% of methane emissions globally, this first-of-a-kind partnership aimed to reduce emissions and save natural resources while making Arkansas rice farming profitable.

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It is not easy to manage a variety of seed crops from across the globe when a quality product depends on local knowledge. Remington, one of the world’s largest third-party seed producers, were looking to gain the local insights they need to ensure the highest quality seeds using technology. FluroSat team was up to the challenge!

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It’s no secret to any food processor that there are many working parts to deliver a quality product. One broken cog in the wheel can have a domino effect. And with an evolving consumer base that wants increased transparency into where their food comes from, food processors are at the forefront of adopting innovative ways to increase field-level visibility.

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