Unlocking the Future of Sustainable Agriculture at Diageo

Addressing Diageo's Sustainability Challenges with Regrow's Innovation
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Global data with field-level accuracy in Argentina, Brazil and beyond.

We work with global agrifood leaders like General Mills and Mars to solve complex sustainability problems, from measurement to reporting and verification. With 1.2B analyzed acres and growing, you can combine field-specific analysis with scalable technology & science.


Diageo's supply chains contribute significantly to its total carbon emissions. Managing and reducing these scope 3 emissions is a key challenge.


Complying with high social and environmental standards can be complex. Aligning with GHG accounting and disclosure guidelines requires accurate, reliable data.


Diageo is committed to supporting sustainable agricultural practices across its supply chain. However, ensuring suppliers meet these standards and improving practices on a large scale is a daunting task.
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Regrow partners with leading brands, project developers and farmers to make agriculture resilient on every acre globally.

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