October 8, 2020

[AusTrade] - Think AgTech - Think Australia


Check out this blazing-fast virtual showcase of Australia's current crop of leading agtechs across the supply chain from farm to food for grain, horticulture, fibre and livestock. Each agtech company presented a 3-minute pitch on the groundbreaking work they have done in their field and a short demo of their US market-ready product.

Host: Sarah Nolet - Partner, Partner-AgThentic, Co-Founder Tenacious Ventures

Emma Weston - Co-Founder & CEO, AgriDigital
Kevin Newell Baum - Co-Founder & CEO, AgriWebb Corp
Anastasia Volkova - CEO & Founder, Flurosat
Bridie Ohlsson - Co-Founder & CEO, Geora Lachlan Campbell - Co-Founder & CEO, PROAGNI
Andrew Bate - CEO - SwarmFarm Robotics
Ros Harvey - Founder & Managing Director, The Yield

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