July 18, 2020

[Webinar] - Nitrogen management with remote sensing 🌱


In the 2nd session of our Virtual Agronomy Expert webinar series held this week we had two expert guest sharing their knowledge and expertise of working with nitrogen monitoring, modeling, and prescription tools:

The different approached discussed on the webinar included

  • N-rich strip and sensor-based approach to evaluate the amount of nitrogen in the crop and its nutrient needs and
  • Cropping system modeling approach, based on the established crop model APSIM, used by ISU and FluroSat in collaboration to give growers and advisors an accessible and easy-to-use tool for making nitrogen applications.

If you missed it, watch the webinar below.

The webinar outline:

1. Data, Modeling and Remote sensing = Nitrogen Recommendation

2. N-rich strip and sensor-based Nitrogen Recommendation

3. Cropping system Modeling: APSIM and Nitrogen Recommendation and much more!

Tune in now to learn and feel free to leave comments or questions.


Webinar - Crop nitrogen monitoring and optimization with remote sensing

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