About Regrow

Regrow unlocks the power of resilient agriculture to combat climate change and grow profitability.

Transforming agriculture systems is the single most important thing we can do to combat climate change.

That’s why FluroSat and Dagan have combined forces to launch Regrow, a company that empowers the food and agriculture industries to adopt, scale and monetize resilient agricultural practices. Hear Our Story.

Regrow is a multinational team of scientists, agronomists, engineers, and software developers committed to transforming the supply chain from farm to fork to ensure a prosperous future for people and planet.

Our Mission & Vision

Our mission is to make resilient agriculture ubiquitous. On every acre. Globally.

Our vision is for agriculture to be driven by science and technology to restore the environmental balance globally to nourish the population and be equitable for everyone. Environment. People. Equity. In that order.

Our Values

  1. Impact and efficiency: maximizing our impact with available resources
  2. Transparency: we communicate and make our actions clear to others
  3. Teamwork: we value collaboration over individual performance
  4. Commitment to customers: we are committed to the success of agrifood industry
  5. Ownership: owning and feeling the value of our personal contribution

Meet the Leadership Team

What Our Employees Say

Pedro Magalhães
Digital Agronomist - LATAM
“I love being a part of this team. First of all, personally - I get to work with the brilliant people from different walks for life, cultures and parts of the world! As a farmer and agronomist, I like to collaborate with experts from other sectors such as software developers also with the agronomists from Australia or USA. On the professional side it's very exciting to be on the front line of the development of the latest breakthrough technologies leveraging data analytics for agriculture and be now entering the regenerative ag market. I feel proud personally and honored professionally to be part of this company.”
Thomas Meehan
Software Engineer
“As an engineer you can work anywhere, but if you want to engineer a sustainable future, work here."
Katelyn Dolan
Research Scientist
“I love the collaborative nature and open communication in our company. Knowing that you’re working with a team who is passionate about getting our science and products out into the field and into the hands of people who can make meaningful change is extremely motivational.”
Alexandra Halligan
Data Analyst
"The best part about working for Regrow is the constant knowing that every task completed, both small and large, is not only intrinsically contributing to our collective passion for regenerative agriculture but also making a global difference. If you choose to work at Regrow, you will be surrounded by passionate, like-minded, individuals who care more about saving our climate and planet than they are about getting their next paycheck, and that is a dream to me."

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Our Awards

Winner of the AgTech Breakthrough Award
Featured on BBC's 100 Women List
Winner of the Future Food Asia Award
Featured on Tech Crunch's Startup Australia Leaderboard
Winner of the 2019 Seeds & Chips Award
One of MIT's Innovators Under 35

Our Investors

Regrow is supported by today’s most innovative, transformative organizations in technology, agriculture and climate action.

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