Joining the Frontlines of Global Good

Regrow has achieved B Corp certification from B Lab, the non-profit organization that provides third-party authentication of a company’s social and environmental performance. See what this certification means for Regrow and the agrifood industry, from CEO Anastasia Volkova.

The way we manage our land can secure or threaten our supply chains and the future of many communities and businesses alike. However (and much more importantly), businesses can also be a force for good, helping to slow down and maybe even reverse climate change. Agriculture contributes 13% to our global GHG emissions, which in turn impacts our geopolitical, economic and societal stability

I hold a personal belief that business is one of the most sustainable ways to make a change in the world.

I also believe that in a world as market-driven, globalized and interconnected as ours, businesses have a responsibility to be accountable for all impact, both good and bad, they may have on society and the environment. 

Our supply chains are directly connected to the Earth — to land, producers and consumers alike. Every grain cultivated, every box sold, every plate served and every shelf filled has an effect on our environmental and societal health — and not just in our own backyards, but in communities across the globe.

Regrow’s role in stabilizing our food system

That’s why we started Regrow. We saw an opportunity to transform our food system by understanding the effect of farming practices on our land and our food and fiber supply, and empowering climate-friendly practices that build security in fields and across landscapes. Regrow was established to help us use agriculture as a stabilizing force in our ecosystems rather than a destabilizing one.

A stable agricultural system ensures farm prosperity, future food security, mitigates price volatility in key land-based commodities and establishes strong supply chains. We work with our customers to measure and manage emissions, so that they can help establish a more stable system. This stable system, in turn, will help businesses build resilience while pushing the industry to reach climate targets.

B Corp recognizes companies that equally balance profit and purpose — a balance we find vital.

Luckily at Regrow we do not have to choose between profit and purpose. Our business model is predicated on doing well by doing good.

By supporting our environment and the people who take care of it, we build financial stability that fuels our mission  and contributes to the secure future of land-based industries. Fulfilling our purpose also brings profit to our industry, which helps us all accelerate progress towards a cooler planet. By working to future-proof the food system we can achieve both profit and purpose .

We are proud that our mission and passion have been affirmed in this B Corp certification. This is another step that solidifies our commitment to helping the agriculture-based value chain build resilience. Building resilience is something we cannot do alone — we work diligently with our partners and customers pushing each other forward,  ensuring that the entire industry evolves for the better.  

The significance of B Corp in our current state of climate consciousness

B Corp certification solidifies our place at the forefront of a global movement towards an equitable net-zero  economy. 

Climate change has become more prevalent in social conversations, global policies and geopolitical discussions, which could make certifications like this feel like ‘table stakes’ efforts. However, the truth is that not enough companies are taking stock of their impact with transparency, taking accountability for this impact and acting in a way that enhances global good.

B Corp certification is a rigorous third-party verification that ensures we are taking the right steps to create a meaningful difference in the world. This certification holds us to the highest verified standards of social and environmental performance, transparency, and accountability. 

By measuring what truly matters, the certification amplifies our commitment and invites allies to  lead the way for agriculture, food and apparel industries.

Amplifying our commitment

At Regrow, our core mission is to make agriculture resilient globally — a goal that aims to support the industry in securing the future of our food systems while promoting nature-positive outcomes. 

By ensuring the sustainability and vitality of our food supply, we serve both people and the planet. Agriculture resilience isn't just a buzzword — it's the driving force behind everything we do.

For Regrow, this certification is not about the extra work we do outside our primary business goals, but rather, it's a reflection of our fundamental ethos.

We celebrate this momentous achievement alongside our employees, partners and customers. Every person that has contributed to Regrow has brought us closer to our mission, in alignment with the goals of B Corporation.

Together we move forward, guided by our mission, fueled by our passion, and with B Corp certification as our compass. We  will continue to use this momentum and our corporate mission to build a more equitable and regenerative global economy, and to lead the industry towards a more resilient future. We still have a lot of work to do, and we look forward to using our (B) compass on our path to greater  impact.

Learn more about our certification, and check out our B Corp profile.

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