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  • CPGs and retailers aiming to reduce emissions and build resilience into their supply chains.
  • Agribusinesses connecting growers to ecosystem markets and rewarding practice adoption.
  • Nonprofits and public sector organizations accelerating the transition to a more sustainable, resilient world.
  • Project developers needing verifiable, transparent data to aid the transition to sustainable practices.
  • Anyone looking to scale their impact and build Agriculture Resilience.
"The partnership has been one in which we have great things we can work on now, and new research priorities. That's been a very impactful experience, connecting our research team with the researchers at Regrow to envision how we might make capabilities more holistic, more insightful."
Jay Watson
Regenerative Agriculture Lead, General Mills
"One of the pathways we encourage is to adopt specific regenerative agriculture practices, and working with Regrow will help us to implement, measure and verify the positive environmental impact of such conversions."
Czarnikow logo
Ben French
Manager of VIVE, Czarnikow
“Regrow Ag’s innovative Agriculture Resilience Platform and dedication to reducing farming emissions resonate deeply with our goals for a more sustainable future.”
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Peter Bakker
President and CEO, WBCSD

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