Case Studies

Quantis, Regrow, and General Mills team up to Enhance Scope 3 Emissions Reporting

General Mills, Quantis and Regrow developed a scalable system to baseline scope 3 GHG emissions for General Mills and monitor agricultural practices and their environmental impacts across the company’s sourcing regions.

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General Mills and Regrow Track Regenerative Practice Adoption at Scale

While the scope of this project alone is significant, the partnership between General Mills and Regrow will have an even greater impact than the 175M acres covered.

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Kellanova partners with Regrow to Reduce Methane Emissions in Rice

Kellanova is working with Regrow and other partners to incentivize rice farmers in the company’s primary sourcing region (the Lower Mississippi River Basin) to adopt climate friendly practices — specifically, those related to building soil health and reducing the greenhouse gasses emitted from rice production.

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Cargill partners with Regrow to Build Agriculture Resilience Among Growers

Regrow technology is powering the Cargill RegenConnect™ program, which is designed to increase adoption of regenerative (sustainable) agriculture practices and incentivize farmers for improved soil health and positive environmental outcomes.

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Remington Seeds Uses Regrow to Monitor their Crops Remotely

It is not easy to manage a variety of seed crops from across the globe when a quality product depends on local knowledge. Remington, one of the world’s largest third-party seed producers, were looking to gain the local insights they need to ensure the highest quality seeds using technology. FluroSat team was up to the challenge!

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Food Processing Company Uses Regrow to Find Crop Stress before it is Normally Detected

It’s no secret to any food processor that there are many working parts to deliver a quality product. One broken cog in the wheel can have a domino effect. And with an evolving consumer base that wants increased transparency into where their food comes from, food processors are at the forefront of adopting innovative ways to increase field-level visibility.

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Netafim Partners with Regrow to Provide Powerful Irrigation Knowledge on Orchards

"We picked them as more than just a provide of digital ag insights or remote sensing data, but as a strategic partner to Netafim. Learn how Netafim uses FluroSense analytics to grow more crop per drop."

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Regrow helps FVC Detect a Root Worm Outbreak Before it was Noticeable in the Fields

A great agronomist paired with the right precision ag tools is the future of helping producers positively impact their bottom line and succeed in today’s farm economy. Learn how we help Frenchman Valley Coop continue to expand and innovate its Precision Ag programs and offerings.

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Nutrien Partners with Regrow to Avoid Nitrogen Leaching

Defining the optimal Nitrogen rate to find the balance between maximising yield, ROI, and avoiding nitrogen leaching is a major challenge for farmers and their advisors. See how we help ag retail agronomists solve this challenge and make the process less reactive and risk-prone.

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