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Every day, we combat one of our planet’s biggest threats. At Regrow, your work will contribute directly to the fight against climate change.

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Worldwide Innovation

  • Located all Over the World

    We’re a multinational team of scientists, agronomists, engineers, and software developers. Working with Regrow, you will have access to diverse experiences and perspectives from across the globe, and the chance to make a global impact with your work.

  • At the Forefront of Innovation

    Our employees have extensive knowledge in their fields. At Regrow, you’ll have the opportunity to collaborate with experts. Together, your work will push the boundaries of science and technology.

  • Focused on the Future

    With Regrow, you’ll be contributing to the future of food systems and agriculture. Our energetic team is poised to make a difference and driven by passion. Every day, your work will actively combat climate change, and your efforts will guide us to a healthier future.

Company Culture

  • Employee Impact

    Every member of our team is encouraged to take responsibility for our company goals, and use their skills to help us reach them. Regrow empowers employees to leverage their strengths, make impactful contributions, and contribute to meaningful work both personally and professionally.

  • Working Remote, Staying Close

    Regrow operates remotely. This allows us to connect with excellent minds across the globe, and enables our employees to work from an environment that is best-suited for them. However, we recognize the importance of strong interpersonal connections and we routinely make time for in-person activities and offline gatherings.

  • Commitment to Improving Diversity

    It’s obvious to us that diverse teams perform best. As more experiences and perspectives are added to our table, we become more certain that we are doing the right thing for the world - every part of it. Our executive team is committed to keeping diversity and inclusion at the top of our priority list, and we search for colleagues that share our value of inclusivity.

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Hear What it’s Like to Work for Regrow

Katelyn Dolan
Leo Calle
Senior Scientist, Model Development
I like the scientific rigor, technical production, and work effort of the people who work at Regrow, and I like that the company has human-centric values that supports a really great work-life culture. There has always been a work culture aimed at employing and supporting diverse humans — that in itself makes it a great place to work. Also, we get to contribute to global climate solutions with the work we do. I’m an ecologist, a scientist, a father, a husband, a friend, a person who likes to make art, play soccer and hike the mountains.
Alexandra Halligan
NaNa Yi
Senior Machine Learning Engineer
Born and raised in the tropical part of China, I witnessed how massively deforested rainforests to monocultural crops has long-term impacts on locals’ livelihood sustainability, water, and other ecosystem services. We could support farmers to practice climate-smart and friendly agriculture. I am super proud to be part of Regrow, working with outstanding science and product teams to deliver solid science-based products to such a critical mission.As a Machine Learning (ML) Engineer at Regrow, I work with very collaborative cross-functional product teams. It’s such a proud and rewarding journey to produce, from farm level to global-scale, ML data products to support our science-based products that will push sustainable agriculture an extra mile.

Job Benefits

Remote Work

Remote and flexible work opportunities give you the ability to do your best work, from a location that’s comfortable for you.

Work with Experts

At Regrow, you'll be joining a team full of subject matter experts, including over 17 PhDs. You'll be working with change makers and industry leaders across the globe.

Flexible Time Off

Everyone needs time to rest and recharge. Regrow provides flexible time off in addition to holiday time, so you can bring your best self to work, all year round.

Women in Leadership

We work for equity in our food systems, and we ensure the same is true in our workplace. Our leadership is 50% female-identifying, and we strive to ensure all voices are heard.

Health Benefits

Regrow provides competitive health care benefits for employees, offering the support you need to live a productive, healthy life.

Our Hiring Process

Here is what you can expect when going through our hiring process.

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