Rigorous science built for enterprise scale

Regrow delivers agriculture insights by uniting industry-leading remote sensing and globally trusted environmental modeling

Innovation developed through global collaboration

Developed and maintained by the industry’s leading team of scientists, agronomists, engineers, and software developers, our science and data platform is founded on the world renowned denitrification decomposition soil carbon model (DNDC) and Operational Tillage Information System (OpTIS). Through research partnerships with academic, public sector, and nongovernmental organizations, Regrow data and science are supported by a global network of experts dedicated to advancing resilient agricultural systems.

Regrow Research Partners

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See every field, measure every ton, and understand emissions across your ag supply chain

Global scale with field-level precision

Accurately quantify field emissions using science built from decades of research that is calibrated and validated across five continents and dozens of commodities and practices.

Year-round visibility for each farm

Gain insight throughout the growing and fallow seasons without labor-intensive manual observations. Regrow monitors 1.3 billion acres globally, with satellite images updated every 3-5 days for each farm, bringing the field view to your screen view.

Validated by independent experts, trusted by stringent global standards

Report supply chain emissions with confidence. Backed by more than 500 scientific peer reviews, Regrow’s science meets or exceeds global accounting standards like Greenhouse Gas Protocol and carbon crediting standards like Verra, Climate Action Reserve, and SustainCert.

Continuous innovation across supply chains

Regrow continually expands platform capabilities by calibrating and validating our science for new cropping systems, grower practices, and sustainability outcomes so you can meet your sustainability goals today and in the future.

"Cargill has partnered with Regrow to scale adoption of regenerative ag practices across 10 million acres in North America by 2030. Regrow’s DNDC model will prepare us for tackling ambitious climate goals within the supply chain."
Nathan Fries
Sustainability Manager, Cargill

Enterprise technology built on scientific rigor

Sustainability Insights

Conduct rigorous scope 3 analysis, build investable plans for carbon reduction and removal, and track actual climate outcomes on the field.

Regrow MRV

Enroll growers in regenerative agriculture, monitor practice adoption, and report program outcomes to generate carbon credits or verify your scope 3 emissions reductions.

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