Nonprofits and Public Sector

Transform agriculture systems for people and the planet

Build high impact programs for local communities and global ecosystems. Use rigorous data to measure and manage agriculture programs at scale.

Accelerate progress on your mission, from pilot programs to impact reporting

Plan your program to make the biggest impact

Evaluate historical practice data to make informed decisions about which regions, crops, and practices to prioritize in your agricultural programs.

Support farmers in adopting resilient farming practices

Implement science-based incentive programs to help farmers adopt regenerative practices while improving ecosystem health and food security. Regrow supports you along the process with regenerative agriculture expertise, so you can focus on working with farmers to drive impact.

Scale your program and reduce research costs

Expand your program capacity at lower cost by getting precise agricultural data on carbon emissions, soil health, and regenerative agriculture practices without conducting time-intensive producer surveys and field visits.

Measure program impact through accurate reporting

Use precise data and ground observations to measure and demonstrate your impact. Communicate outcomes with confidence to your funders, supporters, and the public.

Acquire new climate knowledge

Conduct research on agricultural ecosystems to inform public policies and practices through rigorous data built from satellite observations, soil sampling, and process-based modeling. Evaluate agricultural practices and land use change over time using remote sensing data to compare practices and soil health in your regions of interest.

"With Regrow, we can track the adoption and impact of regenerative agriculture practices with precision, giving us the data and visibility we need to help America's farmers mitigate and adapt to climate change."
Dave Gustafson
PhD CTIC Project Director, Conservation Technology Information Center

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