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Measuring Soil Organic Carbon

Estimating Soil Organic Carbon (SOC) on a field, and how it might change with conservation practices doesn’t need to be time-consuming and expensive. What if you could do it with 90% accuracy without taking soil samples and receive results that comply with carbon market requirements?

FluroSense Carbon

FluroSense Carbon uses a DNDC (DeNitrification-DeComposition) model that quantifies Soil Organic Carbon stocks, N2O and other GHGs to guide sustainable, profitable decisions. We leverage over 500 peer-reviewed academic publications and years of research to decisely answer the question of "Will carbon farming pay on my farm? If so, when and how much?"
  • Soil Carbon dynamics (annual SOC t/ac estimate and change)
  • Greenhouse gas emissions (N2O, SOC, GWP)
  • Sediment and nutrient runoff
  • Nitrogen leaching
  • Reactive Nitrogen (NH3, NOx, nitrate)
  • Effect on crop yields

Know your carbon stocks and what influences them the most.

Estimate soil nitrogen dynamics and how conservation practices improve nutrient budgets.

Wondering if conservation practices will pay on your fields? When the data is there, math is simple.

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