Carbon Farming & Ecosystem Markets 101

Ecosystem markets turn climate-smart or "carbon farming" practices into commodities, which gives farmers more profit and empowers them to prioritize our planet.
They’re a great way to combat climate change.

However, they are complicated and nuanced. That’s why we’ve put together this eBook. Growers, agronomists, project developers, aggregators and food brands are all part of these markets, and they all have different roles and priorities. Our ebook will help all these players understand:

  • The types of carbon farming practices and ecosystem markets available, and the different options they provide.
  • How different companies fit into the market system
  • How market credits are generated, why we need them, and how they bring profit to growers
  • What needs to change in order for ecosystem markets to be effective into the future

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Sneak Peek

Regrow experts Jacob Penner, Elyssa McFarland, and William Salas preview some of the topics covered in the ebook. Watch these videos for a sneak peek, straight from the ebook’s authors.

Jacob Penner, M.S.
Soil Carbon Project Manager

Elyssa McFarland
Director of Project Management

Jeff Seale, PhD
Director of Environmental Strategy & Climate Policy