Agronomy Meets Sustainability

Regrow offers scalable solutions for resilient agriculture. Our platform provides agronomers and farmers easily implementable systems to power a more prosperous future.

FluroSense Platform

FluroSense is a cloud-based crop management and analytics platform that drives planting and growing decisions that boost sustainability and yield. Decades of records create crop and soil-specific reports that make it easier for farmers to put a regenerative approach into practice. 
  • Crop type and field boundary detection
  • Soil, weather and satellite analysis
  • Historical analysis for baseline benchmarking
  • Crop & soil-specific modeling and analytics
  • Integrations with leading FMS platforms
  • Insights offered as email reports or via API

Crop performance, stress & nutrient management

FluroSense Crop Insights provide actionable information for sustainable practices and long-term profitability. Agronomists and farmers receive in-season field productivity metrics, nutrient recommendations and end-of-season reports to optimize resilience farming.

  • Full agronomic decision system
  • Historical and current data for fields
  • Easy integration workflows
  • Insights delivered to you proactively

Mapping regenerative agricultural practices

OpTIS provides state-of-the-art mapping for more sustainable and profitable agriculture practices. Current and historical satellite imaging creates crop insights that inform the regenerative agronomic practices that will power the future of farming.

  • Mapping conservation from 2005-2020
  • Updated every year after harvest
  • Publicly available aggregate map
  • Producer privacy protected

Tracking greenhouse gases and "carbon farming" scenarios

DNDC provides scenario planning for regenerative agricultural practices. Our process-based soil model provides large-scale environmental insights using data on initial soil conditions, management and weather to better understand carbon and nitrogen cycling.

  • Best-in-class carbon model
  • Excels in wide range of environments
  • Chosen by industry leaders
  • Evolves as science evolves
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