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Strategic Partnerships

Advisory & Consulting Partners

Partners are experts assisting the agri-food industries' transformation to sustainable sourcing. Partners work with Regrow and their clients to build climate strategies that align with their business.

Industry Partnerships

Standards & Regulations

Regrow is engaged across standards organizations such as Verra, Climate Action Reserve, SustainCert, and Gold Standard to inform guidance on carbon credits in agriculture as well as seeking approvals of our own methodologies and protocols by those standards.

Public- Private Research Partners

Regrow is working with Partners to build the body of knowledge and open access datasets that will help further research on climate adaptation and resilience for agriculture.

Tech Partnerships

Data Integrations Partners

Technology partners deliver data integrations that extend Regrow’s solutions. By integrating with additional external systems we are able to minimize data collection efforts across the supply chain.


Standards & Regulations

Regrow works to inform guidance on ecosystem markets across standards organizations including Verra, Climate Action Reserve, SustainCERT and Gold Standard. We are founding partners in Keystone Policy Center's precompetitive Climate Markets Collaborative, which works to establish transparency in agricultural ecosystem markets.

  • Our model validation are approved by the Climate Action Reserve’s Soil Enrichment Protocol (SEP) for carbon projects.

  • Our methods for methane and nitrous oxide reductions are approved by the Climate Action Reserve and American Carbon Registry.

  • We continue to seek product- and model-scale approval with other standards to facilitate efficient development of projects for ecosystem markets.

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Climate Action Reserve (CAR)

Regrow's soil model validation has been approved by the Climate Action Reserve's Soil Enrichment Protocol (SEP). Now, customers building a CAR SEP program will have fewer barriers to scale.


Public- Private Research

Our extensive network of research partnerships help us advance new science and enable more ways for regenerative agriculture to transform arable land in all corners of the world, while continuously assessing our impact and bringing value to the broader community.

  • We land our data, tools and findings to increase public awareness of trends in climate-smart farming and assess impact.

  • Regrow leads and assists in research on novel climate-smart farming practice, and its effects on ecosystem and yield resilience.

  • We work to scale and de-risk adoption of regenerative agriculture practices in communities that need it the most.

Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation logo

Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation

Regrow is leading a project that aims to optimize crop variety placement in Sub-Saharan Africa. The project is funded by the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation, and was co-designed with the Foundation and leading research partners.


Advisory & Consulting

We partner with advisory and consulting firms that are leading the charge in guiding the organizational transformation of the companies on their path to net zero. These partnerships enable organizations to make full use of Regrow products, tools and insights by putting them in the context of the particular organization, and linking them to corporate sustainability reporting.

South Pole

We partner with South Pole, an early-leader in global carbon project development, to support agricultural carbon projects. South Pole is engaging Regrow’s MRV suite to provide transparent, scalable, scientifically rigorous data and technology to support agricultural carbon projects. Learn more here.


Data Integration

Our data integrations partners make participation and data collection simple at the farm gate. With their help, regenerative agriculture is more accessible than ever.

John Deere company logo

John Deere

We work with farm management partners, including John Deere, to directly import farmers’ crop, yield and management data into our platform. This reduces participation barriers for growers and ensures more accurate data collection and reporting.

Why Partner with Regrow?

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Best In Class
Science & Tech Team

World-class team of business developers and scientists in the space of Soil Science, Carbon Science, Agronomy and Remote sensing. 25% of the company has a Ph.D. degree in a related field.

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Globally Scalable
Science & Technology

Our scientific model (DNDC) and remote sensing platform (OpTIS) are unique in being globally applicable, and recognized by leading industry partners and aligned with key standards.

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Best In Class
Science & Tech Team

Regrow’s world-class team of regenerative ag experts will be an extension of your sales and marketing team. Our team of experts will work to support your needs for collateral, sales enablement, and support.

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