November 17, 2020

Agronomist Workflow is Streamlined with Climate FieldView Partnership


We are excited to announce that the FluroSense Insights engine is now integrated with Climate FieldView for our customers around the globe. This important integration allows a seamless workflow for agronomists working with growers using Climate. Syncing farms, fields and crop data from FieldView can be done in a matter of minutes and a couple clicks of a button.

At FluroSat we believe that integrations are key to enabling agronomists to work with their growers across multiple platforms and not waste any time. Effortlessly bringing together farm machinery data with remote sensing and crop modeling to generate proactive insights gives crop advisors and agronomists around the globe one of the most powerful decision-making tools available to modern agriculture professionals.

Anastasia Volkova, FluroSat CEO
FluroSense Crop Stress email that is sent out weekly helping agronomists to scout smarter.

FluroSense Insights combines Crop Stress Alerts and the Crop Performance Dashboard to enable agronomists to gain granular reporting on crop health all season long. Through Crop Stress Alerts, (as pictured) agronomists can scout more efficiently by receiving weekly reports in their inbox that deliver the exact location of stress areas in their grower’s fields.  Ultimately, these insights enable agronomists to scale their business and strengthen grower relationships. 

In addition to a seamless workflow and automated crop stress alerts, the Climate - FluroSense integration will enable field-ready nitrogen recommendations to be pushed back to the FieldView platform. This means that growers and agronomists can continue using the workflows they have developed while still integrating FluroSense’s science-based nutrition recommendations. Flurosense delivers site-specific, in-season Nitrogen recommendations based on scientific modeling and field-specific history. The model takes into account soil hydrology, crop rotation, climatic outlook, and management practices as well as economic parameters like yield goals and allocated input budgets.

The FluroSense Nutrition tool is unique given the low manual data entry required to run the model. FluroSense nutrition recommendations are focused on delivering Nitrogen prescriptions that are tailored to the farmer’s management plans and pocketbook, without requiring a lot of time sitting and manually entering data. 

Syncing farms, fields and as-planted data into FluroSense is as simple as a couple clicks of the mouse. Gain insights in minutes.

This integration is all about making agronomists’ jobs more efficient and effective. Between the seamless data transfer through the integration and the minimal-data, cab ready nitrogen prescriptions, FluroSense can save agronomists time and deliver even greater value to their growers. All of this time saving ultimately means happier customers and more opportunity to serve their growers.

The decision to pursue a Climate Integration was a no-brainer. Given our current customers that already work with the data on the Climate FieldView platform, as well as our expansion into the Latin American market, we are excited to enable an integration that puts our agronomists first.

Anastasia Volkova, FluroSat CEO

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