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Gain Insights Effortlessly with All-New Crop Performance Dashboard

Stay in sync with your crops' performance to plan your operations and decide where to focus your attention.

See how the all-new Crop Performance in FluroSense proactively ensures that users gain insights into their crops throughout the season.

Visualize your farms and fields

The new birds-eye view dashboard enables you to select fields grouped by crop type or variety to get a clear view of your fields all season long. Many FluroSat users are managing multiple crops across different geographies and from afar! We know how challenging this can be. To help you keep track of everything and know what was planted where and when, we developed a novel way of visualizing any and all aspects of crop performance across all your farms in just one click!

Track emergence to initiate checking stand counts

To help you optimize your scouting routine early in the season the new Crop Performance Dashboard will automatically group your fields by growth stage, so you can identify if re-plant is needed. Don’t head out to the field to initiate checking stand count without referring to your customized Crop Performance Dashboard. See what fields are most representative, before driving out to the fields to perform the counts!

Benchmark performance of field trials

We know that there are only so many variables you can test on one field. That’s why we have delivered to you an intuitive way of benchmarking your fields and trials, so you can immediately see which application rates or hybrids are working best for you! Visualize the benchmarks alongside crop performance trends for any area in the field, and any crop type to know what effect the choices you made early on have on the crop at a later stage.

Identify high and low performing fields

We know that every year there are fields that are tracking off the charts. The biomass card on the Crop Performance Dashboard automatically highlights the best performing fields. It saves you time looking for those fields, so you can focus on making sure they stay on course. The same goes for fields that aren’t quite where you want them to be. Select the group of fields with medium and low crop vigor to check in on the crop growth after another nutrition application or treatment to get them back on track.

Optimize harvest planning

Planning harvest timing and logistics is a breeze since your fields are already grouped by their crop status, separating those that are starting to senesce. If you need more detail on the speed of senescence to optimize the quality of your crop, you can refer to the crop growth card for fields scoring the fastest decline. These two cards group fields for you automatically, you can plan where to send the trucks first and optimize your harvest logistics. 

This is just the beginning

We can’t wait for all FluroSense users to gain access to this product update. This is just the first step of many in our long term commitment to delivering actionable insights into the hands of you and your growers in minutes.

The new Crop Performance Dashboard is a fundamentally new way of monitoring and managing your crop performance with minimal time and effort. It is more autonomous and proactive than ever! All you have to do is open the Dashboard and see what patterns it highlights - we are working for you to highlight the important issues in your fields that need your attention.

We look forward to hearing about your use cases, so please keep the feedback coming!

Sneak peak at what's coming...

  • Analyze field trials and hybrid/treatment performance on the sub-field level and across multiple fields.
  • Group fields by planting date and development stage, making sure that you are making an "apples to apples" comparison.
  • And much more ...

Stay tuned and please share what you'd like to see on the dashboard with us!

- Flurosat Team

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