2020: FluroSat in Numbers

Explore FluroSat's success this year, and where we see ourselves in the future.

This year has been filled with unpredictable events that changed our lives.

We have moved from doing business and life in person to doing it from home, which made our organisations more inclusive. With the global health crisis, the economy went into the worst downturn in history, and it meant that everyone was focused only on what is critically important.

The year2020 has catalysed some of the important changes in our society.

Agriculture was deemed #essential and our customers were #stillfarming, but they were doing so in a new way, in a world that demanded not only more transparency and attention to environmental stewardship but also more human connection, even if it is delivered in a new, digital way.

FluroSat team in 2020 gathered a lot in the virtual meeting rooms: to share critical updates, personal stories and visions for the future we want to build for global agriculture.

We knew we had the value to offer the industry, and the courageous and relentless team at FluroSat has pushed through all odds to achieve our goals. Through tightening and untightening of the belts, supporting our customers when their own businesses were uncertain this spring, and meeting their needs every step of the way to help them thrive.

Growth 🚀

We have doubled the number of acres and tripled number of countries on FluroSense, all with the same team size and in a year of COVID!

This year we have doubled (and in some cases- tripled!) down on our growth in our key geographies: Australia and North America, as well as started operations in Latin America and Eastern Europe.

💡 Spoiler alert: internationalisation of the FluroSense app is underway!

We went from 15 countries at the end of 2019 to supporting farms in 45 countries!

Whilst at the beginning of the year, it felt like we would have to put our plans on hold, we regrouped, sought new ways to collaborate, and have most importantly, not just helped ourselves but helped our customers to adopt "virtual ag", which will be table stakes in 2021!

Partnerships 🤝

Community 👐

Recognition 🏆

On behalf of our team at FluroSat, I want to say a big "Thank you" to all of our supporters, customers, partners, and ecosystem builders around us.

We hope you will have some well-deserved rest at the end this year!

And we hope to see you in 2021 soon!


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