Remote Sensing

Optimising orchard management with FluroSense

Take advantage of automated orchard monitoring, stress detection and trend analysis to optimise your fruit/nut yield

Note: In 2021, FluroSat and soil health startup Dagan combined forces to become Regrow. Up-to-date information about the Regrow platform can be found on

  • You are an orchard manager, agronomist or a fruit/nut grower looking for the ways to push the productivity of your orchard?
  • Want to know how to optimise the nutrient and irrigation management of your trees?
  • Wondering how effective was the alternative pruning technique or fertiliser treatment you experimented with last season?
  • Need to commit to production projections early and don’t have the data points to get any certainty in those projections?

We’ve got some good news for you!

FluroSense - a highly automated decision support software is now available for Tree Crops.  It combines the essential data layers and analytics tools that in 3 steps take you from questions to actions!

1. Aggregate - Auto data collection

Setting up FluroSense is extremely easy - just draw your field boundaries, and put in the dates of your last harvest. The system will automatically collect historical satellite imagery and weather information for each of the fields on your farm for the previous crop season. 

Want to upload your drone data? fertiliser application map? Do it - in just a few clicks.

With these nice and easy steps, the set up is complete before you know it!

Set up of your orchard on FluroSense takes only seconds, and it automatically retrieves historical satellite imagery and weather data for you.

2. Translate - Data analytics 

Once the historical data is collected you will see the per-field and across-the-farm analysis of crop performance, crop growth patterns and trends, supplemented with the estimated growth cycle stages to help you correlate the trends to your management decisions. You will also see the highlighted areas of poor performance that require your attention. 

Automated leak detection for effortless monitoring of your irrigation system

3. Inform - Management decisions

You might evaluate the delay in spring flush due to over-pruning, consider variable rate application of fertiliser in a highly variable block, or be alerted about the spreading disease or recently detected drainage issue (Crop Stress detection) to evaluate if the issue has reached the economic management threshold. You will also see Crop Performance comparison to prioritise blocks for management/harvest a health analysis of a specific tree. 

With these insights being effortlessly surfaced, you can now focus on decisions - assign the block to trial a new pruning technique, request your team to ground-truth the issue detected in the field, send an application map (shapefile) with recommendations to your tractor or export a report with directions for your irrigation technician. 

Try it on your farm today!

Book a FREE 1h session with our in-house agronomist to discuss if this technology is right for your farm and if yes, help you with the setup and identification of the cost-effective ways to put the insights into action!

Hyperspectral image of a macadamia farm revealing the stress on the trees (yellow dots), irrigation patters (row "colouring" in each orchard block) and fertiliser leaks (in pink) invisible to the naked eye.

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