Proagrica integrates Flurosat crop analytics to provide a seamless workflow to Sirrus users

Integration allows our joint customers to access a range of FluroSense analytics reports and alerts without leaving their preferred farm management system.

Flurosat has partnered with Proagrica to deliver its range of tools through the grand-daddy of precision agriculture platforms, Sirrus, signals the agtech industry might be finally maturing, recognising collaboration is a more viable pathway forward.

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Proagrica business development manager for Australia Mark Pawsey said the industry was moving towards scale, with small up and coming tools partnering with larger established companies, this not only gave the start-ups access to a larger client base, it gave the farmers and their advisers certainty that they could engage with a new product as part of their existing platform, removing the risk the start-up may not survive in long term or have the technical support in place.

"It allows our joint customers to collaborate around a single farm management system while using a range of different tools," he said.

We're pleased to be partnering with FluroSat and through their analytics platform, provide our users with the benefits of a connected ecosystem to make management and production decisions at a more precise level using an integrated suite of tools.

Mark Pawsey - Proagrica business development manager for Australia

"Agriculture is inherently spatial, you plant a seed at one point on the planet, that point may have a different set of characteristics to one planted ten metres away, and you need to manage actions around that one seed, that one plant," he said.

Mr Pawsey said the collaboration was possible because of the AgX platform, a standardised data infrastructure that evolved from the company's original precision agriculture software Sirrus, and now served to underpin its whole of enterprise solution.

"AgX is the infrastructure that allows users to collect and manage data spatially," he said.

Agriculture is heading in one direction, and that is further automation and more data, anything coming off a machine or a sensor will have some type of geo-spatial reference and farm management systems need to be able to deal with that.

Mark Pawsey - Proagrica business development manager for Australia

Mr Pawsey said the spatial framework, along with existing agricultural experience and clients, made Proagrica an obvious and attractive choice for new technologies to partner with.

Flurosat is an example of emerging technologies which are inherently spatial. They are using imagery and decision support methods which naturally align with spatial solutions.

Mark Pawsey - Proagrica business development manager for Australia

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