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Regrow continues innovation to meet stricter regulations with it’s latest end-to-end GHGP and scope 3 reporting

The Agriculture Resilience platform expands scope 3 insights and reporting capabilities across the program lifecycle, from baselining to quantifying emissions reductions on the farm. Regrow enables companies to move beyond generic emission factors and spreadsheets, and bring dynamic EFs to meet GHGP requirements and achieve scope 3 emission reductions.

If you’re managing a sustainability program at a food and ag company, you’re likely working on a strategy to meet evolving climate accounting rules, especially the forthcoming GHGP Land Sector and Removals Guidance, and its downstream implications for disclosure through SBTi FLAG and the EU’s Corporate Sustainability Reporting Directive (CSRD). Alongside California’s SB 253 and 261, these standards and protocols represent a rapid change in the expectations for corporate disclosure of environmental impacts and risks. They also present new questions around how companies should quantify and take action on scope 3 emissions.

At Regrow, we’re innovating in science and technology to quantify dynamic emission factors (EFs) for our customers’ individual supply regions, and provide the insight required to take action and reduce on-farm emissions.

Today, we’re announcing the first solution that enables companies to move beyond book value EFs and spreadsheets, and bring dynamic EFs to meet GHGP requirements and coordinate emissions reductions programs across all stakeholders in the value chain.

Breaking down barriers to scalable scope 3 reporting

For most companies, scope 3 emissions measurement and reductions are hardest to achieve at scale. Data collection is often manual, time-intensive, and requires careful orchestration across numerous suppliers and stakeholders. Or worse, scope 3 measurement is imprecise, using generic EFs aggregated across brittle spreadsheets.

Scope 3 emissions are also typically the largest contributor to a food company’s total footprint. Scope 3 emissions frequently exceed 90% of corporate emissions, and on-farm emissions account for over 70% of a food company’s scope 3 emissions, on average.

That’s why Regrow is innovating to help companies across the agriculture value chain measure, report, and reduce scope 3 on farm emissions. We provide field level visibility at global scale across your ag supply chain using remote sensing and rigorous process-based modeling, giving you IPCC tier 3 level emissions emissions factors. That means you can start taking informed action to reach your climate goals in less time and with higher impact.

All on-farm emissions in one powerful report

Our new GHGP reporting module simplifies scope 3 disclosures across each of your sourcing regions, all without a single supplier survey. Regrow aggregates all of your GHG emissions, removals, and land tracking data into a single view. Then, you can drill down into each of your sourcing regions, commodities, or reporting years to see your progress over time. This gives you insight into how each of your sourcing regions contributes to your overall footprint and where you can take the highest impact action to reduce emissions.

Comparing emissions profiles and trends across your supply shed is reduced to a few clicks, with all data exportable to a spreadsheet for analysis and external reporting. All data is audit-ready and conforms to GHGP land sector and removals draft guidance, including emissions breakdowns into individual GHG sources (CH4, direct N2O, and indirect N2O) and removals.

Full program visibility from sign up to certifiable impact

We’ve also expanded regenerative ag program tracking and reporting capabilities across the carbon program lifecycle in Regrow MRV. With our full program lifecycle reporting, administrators can quickly assess a grower’s program eligibility, contract status, and progress on regenerative practice adoption across each program region and commodity. Administrators gain real time insight into places where they should strategically deploy resources to achieve program goals. That means greater program impact, and higher ROI.

We’re also releasing new GHG reduction and removal insights across all levels of your program, from individual fields and growers to entire supply sheds. Executive reporting makes it simple to understand your impact, optimize program investments, and report outcomes to internal and external stakeholders in just a few minutes.

Simplify your scope 3 emissions reporting today

If you’re a Regrow customer, these features are available to you for your next regenerative ag program or sustainability report. To learn more about how Regrow can help your company start measuring and taking action against your scope 3 farm emissions, send us a note. We can’t wait to partner with you in making agriculture resilient.

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