January 1, 1970

Setting up your crop and seasons

Anastasia Volkova, PhD
Chief Executive Officer

This guide will run you through how to configure crop type, variety, sowing day and estimate harvest date.

Time to read: 1 min

Configure my crops


Expand the Farm Settings panel. Select one or more of your fields and press Add Crop +. Edit your crops by selecting the Edit Crop button.

Enter the crop type, variety, and the sowing and estimated harvest dates.

If you have the same crop type, but multiple fields and dates, you can select the corresponding checkboxes on the left and add the seasonal data in bulk.

Uploading historical data and fallow seasons

In your expanded farm settings tab, enter the details of your season by selecting a field and pressing Add Crop+.

Setting up your crops and seasons this way will allow you to navigate to the previous season dates when viewing the fields.

Note: if your seasons are left in the default "fallow” setting, it will affect insights available in the growth stage tool for this crop.

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