What Makes Us Tick

The driving forces behind Regrow’s work

We’ve got a lot to do at Regrow. We’re working to heal the earth by transforming our food systems. 

That’s no easy feat. We know this, and our work reflects the weight of the problems we face. But we’ve got the power of people on our side. We’ve nurtured a team of passionate, smart, dedicated colleagues who have made it their mission to transform our future. 

Along with audacious goals, we are also racing the clock.  We have known for some time that we need to act quickly, and get results soon. 

The good news is that, at Regrow, our team and work are united by our mission. We are driven by a set of core values that have emerged from our team over time. These values unite us and empower us to push boundaries. With these values, we can truly see what we can achieve at Regrow.

So what exactly are these values?  Read on and see.

Urgency Drives Real Impact

When it comes to the climate crisis, there’s no time to waste. We understand the urgency behind our mission, and we harness that urgency to ensure that our efforts make a real impact. We move quickly, we’re committed to our goal, and though our work is built from scratch, we make sure we get the final product right. We can’t waste time on half-baked solutions.

Start from a Place of Truth

The truth drives everything we do. We’re a team of straight-shooters that prioritizes clarity, humanity, and shared learning. Nothing goes unsaid at Regrow, because often the toughest things to say are the things that help us grow.

Share the Experience

One person didn’t change the climate, and one person cannot fix it. Each person at Regrow brings something unique to the table, and we recognize the need to combine our skills and passions to create something truly extraordinary. This collaboration exists in our work and in our culture.

At Regrow, we’ve formed a web of support based on genuine understanding of one another.

Find the Problem, Solve the Problem

We make our biggest impact through the hands of our customers. By understanding our customers’ core needs and delivering science-based solutions, we can take large strides towards our shared goals.

Amplify All Voices

If we’re going to tackle the climate crisis, our team needs to be as diverse as the people impacted by it. We have 70 employees across 8 countries and 10 timezones, and we’re still growing! We work hard to amplify the experiences and perspectives of all Regrowers. Our leadership team (which has a female majority) brings new perspectives to the agriculture tech industry, and our employees are overturning assumptions in agrifood and climate tech every single day.

Every story is unique, but our impact is shared.

Own the Problem, Fight for the Solution

We are facing a climate crisis. We are working to fix it. Regrow is a collective effort, and each of us takes personal ownership of our work and its outcomes. We equally contribute to transforming our food systems, and both the weight of the problem and the celebration of change are ours to share.

For us, these values are more than just words. They are powerful, driving forces behind our work. They guide us when making decisions, when there is no obvious right answer. They connect us to each other, to our mission, and to the future of agriculture. They remind us that we’re all in this fight together.

Does this sound like you, too? We should talk! Visit our careers page to learn more and introduce yourself. We open new positions regularly.

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