November 12, 2021

What's Next for Regrow?


This month, Regrow celebrates its 5 year anniversary. That’s 5 years of growth, innovation, scientific progress and food system transformation. Over the last 5 years, we’ve gathered a team of 58 scientists, agronomists, engineers and subject matter experts across the globe. We have grown to continuously monitor nearly 200 million acres of land to help transition it to regenerative farming practices, introduced many industry-first products to the market, influenced key actors across our supply chains and empowered the markets that incentivize sustainable farming.

We’ve Only Just Begun 

As our CEO Dr. Anastasia Volkova says,

“We’ve only just begun. The future of food and agriculture will look a lot more sustainable, if Regrow is successful in its mission. I want Regrow to transform farming acres around the world into resilient agriculture — for us to make sustainability maps that are one, uniform, perfect color.”

While this sounds idealistic, Regrow has mapped a clear, ambitious path to success. We continue to learn about our customers and their priorities, about what’s needed to make lasting change in agriculture, and about how we can empower a more sustainable food system through scientific analysis, data and technology.

Rooted in Core Products

Regrow has developed 3 core products that empower resilient agriculture, engaging all of its key stakeholders: Crop Insights, the MRV Tool and Sustainability Insights. These tools are powered by scientifically rigorous models and comprehensive data collection methods, and hosted on a streamlined, easy-to-use platform.

Crop Insights helps agronomists and farmers adopt resilient agriculture practices in ways that are financially and environmentally sustainable.

The MRV Tool brings scalability and transparency to ecosystem markets, enabling their growth and market endurance.

Sustainability Insights allows companies to monitor the adoption of sustainability practices, calculate the abatement potential of untapped agricultural regions and make critical decisions about their sourcing and supply chains.

Mapping the Future

Over the next several months, Regrow plans to add regions, crop types and new practices to its suite of tools. We plan to expand our reach to better serve agronomists, ecosystem market developers and food companies across the food supply chain, in new regions globally.

All of this work, of course, is in service of our original, lofty goal: to make resilient agriculture ubiquitous. Globally. 

We’ll continue to build partnerships with organizations that can enable change, reward farmers for their efforts and strengthen the business incentive for resilient agriculture. We’ll continue to fuel the agrifood tech industry with credible, scalable and transparent data, ensuring that sustainability becomes not just a nice idea, but a business model.

Scientifically, as Dr. Volkova expresses, it means:

“We’ll have much less CO2 going into the atmosphere, a lot more carbon feeding the processes in the soil, we’ll have a lot more farmers being compensated for the good work they’re doing, and we’ll have a lot more food companies enact the change they want to see in the world, and taking their goals from words to action.”

We’re proud of our progress over the last 5 years, and we’re looking forward to a strong future in sustainable agriculture.

Read the Letter from our CEO, and check out the video celebrating our 5 year anniversary.

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Jeff Seale, PhD
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