Sustainability Watch Program

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Join agronomists and certified crop advisors across the United States in an effort to empower resilient agriculture.

About the Program

Mapping Adoption Practices

Soil health management incentives - both public and private - rely on monitored and quantifiable changes in conservation practice adoption. The Sustainability Watch project is part of ongoing public and private partnerships between Regrow, The Nature Conservancy, the Conservation Technology Information Center and the Foundation for Food and Agriculture Research.

Together, we aim to map the adoption of conservation practices.

How It's Done

We map conservation practice adoption using the Operational Tillage Information System, which employs remote sensing technology to detect conservation practices at the field level. Watch our webinar to learn more.

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Get Involved

In this webinar, hosted by Regrow and the American Society of Agronomy, we discuss the science behind measuring practice adoption on a large scale. Learn how it's done, and how you can get involved.

Sustainability Watch Components

Remote Sensing

Regrow maps changes in adoption rates of sustainable and regenerative farming practices, including no-till and reduced-till farming, cover cropping, and crop rotation. We map these changes across the United States using a remote sensing-based approach. After mapping tillage practices and cover cropping, we apply a soil and crop model to the data to investigate the soil health and environmental outcomes associated with these changes.

Farmer Support

Results from across the corn belt, mapped by Regrow and partners at TNC and CTIC in 2019 (see figure on the right), indicate some areas saw significant increases in conservation practice adoption rates, particularly of cover crop crops, and suggest beneficial soil health outcomes. Policymakers and companies across the supply chain can use this aggregate information to facilitate the adoption of sustainable farming practices, find opportunities to partner with sustainable farmers and identify investment opportunities for the future.

Project Expansion

Last year’s Sustainability Watch Program recruited certified crop consultants (CCA’s) and agronomists to gather field observations to validate remote the sensing-based maps. Consultants were located across 7 counties in 7 states: California, Idaho, North Carolina, Oregon, South Dakota, Tennessee, and Wisconsin.

183 agricultural fields were surveyed from the roadside, with a total of 940 observations for remote sensing validation. We plan to continue expanding this program to bolster our remote sensing capabilities and provide more actionable data to farmers, advisors and those working to support sustainable farming practices.

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The Sustainability Watch Process

We are looking for accredited agronomist, soil and water conservation agent, or a Certified Crop Consultant interested in joining our “Sustainability Watch” partnership. Getting the job done is as easy as completing 4 simple steps.


Sign onto the Sustainability Watch team. We’ll collect the documents necessary to compensate your efforts.

Download the App

Download the Sustainability Watch app on your iPad, iPhone or Android.

Survey Fields

Survey 20-30 fields within driving distance & complete a simple survey regarding tillage practices and cover crops.

Submit your Invoice

Submit a single invoice after your last visit, and you’ll receive payment for your efforts.


What You'll Receive

Want to contribute to the future of resilient agriculture?

We recruit crop advisors, agronomists and growers to help us gather data about sustainability practices across the United States. We offer to pay a stipend for up to 6 roadside surveys of sustainability practices across 20-30 fields in your county. If you want to become a Sustainability Watch Advisor, sign up today!

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