DeNitrification DeComposition Soil Carbon Model

DNDC models nutrient cycling in the soil and empowers regenerative agriculture on a global scale.

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CAR Approves Regrow Model Validation Across the U.S.

Learn what this means for your carbon and emissions reductions projects.

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Unrivaled Coverage

DNDC is the only scientific model applied, calibrated and validated globally. The model can scale with limited adjustments, providing you with consistent estimates  across global supply sheds, with over 100 crop types and a comprehensive range of farm practices.

Cargill has partnered with Regrow to scale adoption of regenerative ag practices across 10 million acres in North America by 2030. Regrow’s DNDC model will prepare us for tackling ambitious climate goals within the supply chain.
Nathan Fries | Cargill Sustainability Manager

Data Integrity & Trusted Science

DNDC provides stakeholders with the highest quality data assurance available.  By partnering with Regrow, you’ll generate high-quality credits for farmers, scope 3 insets for companies, and progress towards emissions reductions goals for brands. DNDC maintains 95% accuracy*, ensuring that data is both actionable and airtight. (*Per 100 fields; predicted SOC within 0.5 mt/a.)

DNDC has been peer-reviewed in over 500 publications, and is the only scientific model in the industry supported by a global academic network.

Leading in Accessibility for Growers

DNDC makes practice adoption more accessible than ever for growers.

DNDC can handle rangeland systems, dairy systems, and a variety of practices for cropping systems, making practice adoption and outcome estimation holistic and accessible to farmers. The model also ensures options for farmers who have not historically been considered eligible or who have already adopted basic regenerative ag practices (such as cover crops and no-till farming).

Approved & Aligned with Industry Standards

DNDC is a verified model with CAR. We are in the approval process with multiple standards and markets (e.g. ESMC, CAR, Verra, ACR).
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Regrow Joins SustainCERT Value Change Initiative

The initiative, powered by SustainCERT and Gold Standard, establishes programs, working groups and labs with leading companies across multiple industries, with the goal of establishing best practices for Scope 3 emissions reductions.

DNDC available only through Regrow

DNDC is embedded in all our solutions, including Sustainability Insights Tool and the Measurement, Reporting, and Verification (MRV) Platform for ecosystem markets. The DNDC model is academically available. However, Regrow has the exclusive commercial rights to the model and continues to develop it through additional modules and improvements.

See How it Works

Case Study

Learn more about DNDC through a collaborative conservation mapping project between Applied Geosolutions LLC, Dagan Inc. (now Regrow Ag), The Nature Conservancy, and the Conservation Technology Information Center.


Data in Action

Explore our data in tabular format. Use our public tool to understand the soil nutrient dynamics and global warming potential of certain agricultural areas within our mapping domain.


Additional Publications

Explore research publications and whitepapers dedicated to the assessment, validation and continued improvement of DNDC, all published by academic institutions and/or organizations outside of Regrow.


More about our products


Crop Insights is the entry point into the journey of regenerative agriculture. It empowers growers to adopt sustainable practices and build resilience on their operations.


Sustainability Insights allows companies to make critical decisions about their sourcing and supply chains and lead in transparent, regenerative sourcing.


Our MRV Suite offers a simple and scalable way to engage farmers and supply chain stakeholders  in regenerative agriculture programs, offering robust programs and science-based outcomes.