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Remote Sensing Data Analysis

Recognized within the agriculture sector as the premier crop tillage and practices algorithm, OpTIS is solely focused on monitoring and verifying sustainable agriculture practices. The algorithm uses satellite imagery to perform analysis and is supported by ground-truth data. This system provides best-in-class performance for remote practice monitoring, ensuring a high level of accuracy and results that are always up to date. Only by partnering with Regrow will you have access to Remote Sensing with OpTIS.

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Scaling data & removing manual labor.


Surveys routinely confirm performance.


More accurate with more data.

How Does It Work?

The OpTIS algorithm reviews satellite imagery to detect sustainable farming practices such as tillage reduction and cover-crop adoption. OpTIS is a machine learning system, meaning that it becomes more accurate as data is fed into the system. It reduces the need for on-the-ground practice verification on each farm, though research teams routinely confirm OpTIS performance with ground surveys to ensure the algorithm’s accuracy.

Field level Accuracy

OpTIS scales on-the-ground data collection for the adoption of cover crops and specific tillage systems for farm management practices. The OpTIS algorithm removes the need for manual labor for practice monitoring and reduces the costs associated with field-level practice certification.

No Lag in Data Collection

The satellites that provide data to OpTIS pass each land area every 3-5 days, ensuring that data is always up to date. Regrow’s platform provides historical data to create baselines for previous grower practices without manual data collection.  

Eliminating Self-Report Surveys

OpTIS is incredibly accurate. Studies that compared OpTIS results with 5,000 road-side observations report that OpTIS has been able to make a determination of tillage practice or cover crop with 85-90% accuracy in the area that has been analyzed.

Sustainability Watch

At Regrow, we continuously improve our models through collaborative research and validation efforts. One of these programs is our Sustainability Watch Program. This program leverages a network of agronomists and conservation agents across the United States to help monitor changes in the adoption of conservation practices. Agronomists collect on-the-ground data for farms in a specific region, and this data is used to validate the algorithm’s performance and continue improving the accuracy of OpTIS. To date, the Sustainability Watch Program has contributed over 5,000 field observations across multiple growing years and has become one of the largest datasets of this kind.

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