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Conservation Adoption Mapping

Operational Tillage Information System (OpTIS) is an automated system to map tillage, residue cover, winter cover, and soil health practices using remote sensing data. Field-specific OpTIS calculations are performed using publicly available data, while the privacy of individual producers is fully protected by reporting only spatially-aggregated results at regional and watershed scales.

FluroSense Sustainability

OpTIS powers the FluroSense Sustainability module. Crop management analysis is applied to remote sensing data to monitor trends in the adoption rate of soil health practices (no-till, conservation tillage and cover crops) each year.
  • Field boundaries detection based on management history
  • Detection of crop emergence & harvest dates
  • Historical analysis of crop rotation
  • Tillage type mapping
  • Cover crops practices and days of cover
  • Paired with soil organic carbon modeling

Visualize the rate of adoption of conservation practices from your own fields to watershed, county and state-level trends and averages.

Know where cover crops are gaining ground, and target your resources appropriately.

Wondering if the conservation practices will pay on your fields? When the data is there, the math is simple.

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