Unlocking the Power of Nature-Based Solutions in Agriculture

Sustainability Insights helps leaders plan investments to lower Scope 3 emissions, monitor trends in regenerative practice adoption and quantify impact.

Learn What Sustainability Insights Can Do for You

Prioritize where and how to reduce supply chain emissions, and report science-based sustainability outcomes.

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Consumer Brands

Monitor and report on sustainability objectives, and plan actions.

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Baseline supplier-specific emission factors and critical sustainability metrics

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Improve ESG reporting accuracy with dynamic and supply shed-specific data

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Plan investments to reduce emissions and discover high-impact opportunities

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Measure progress toward agriculture Scope 3 sustainability targets

Project Developers

Identify and prioritize opportunities for investment in resilient farming programs.

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Map and analyze trends in the adoption of regenerative practices

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Quantify the potential impact of resilient farming practices on emissions reduction and carbon removal

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Set strategic, focused and science-backed program objectives

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Scale program design to additional geographies, crops and regenerative practices

ESG & LCA Service Providers

Access agriculture’s best-in-class data solution for Scope 3 emissions tracking.

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Replace static, default data with dynamic, localized data

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Baseline, monitor and report on land-based emissions and removals with greater accuracy and credibility

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Increase precision of life cycle assessments in complex supply chains

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Explore impacts of regenerative practice adoption for geographies and crops of interest

Public Sector and Non-Profit Organizations

Monitor large-scale trends in regenerative agriculture adoption.

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Leverage data generated from remote sensing-based technology and advanced soil modeling in a user-friendly interface

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Identify patterns over time in the adoption of interventions including reduced tillage, cover cropping, crop rotation and land-use change

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Gain clarity on where and how to approach targeted services, resources or incentive programs for farmers

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Assess the impact of resilient farming initiatives and investments over time

Verifiable Data for Credible & Science-Based Reporting

Using Regrow's globally-recognized soil carbon model and remote-sensing based technology, Sustainability Insights calculates high-precision emission factors and other critical sustainability metrics.

Life Cycle Assessments

Replace default values with precise field and fertilizer emission factors for an accurate Scope 3 emissions baseline

ESG Reporting

Use science-based data to communicate Scope 3 emissions reduction initiatives and progress to boards, investors and consumers

Materiality Assessments

Quantify supply shed emissions and calculate abatement potential to inform further action in crop sourcing regions

Project Design Documents

Calculate estimated emissions reduction and removal for proposed regenerative agriculture projects

How do you activate your value chain for better sustainability outcomes?

Get started on lowering your brand’s carbon footprint and Scope 3 emissions.

Learn how to discover and quantify opportunities for impact with your producers and partners.

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Precise Data for Sharper Insights

Regrow aggregates and analyzes field-level data from millions of acres to deliver comprehensive and dynamic insights.

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Field-Level Insights

Field-level crop and management data is verified and compiled for analysis at HUC, county, crop reporting district, state and supply shed levels

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Advanced Soil Modeling

Greenhouse gas outcomes are calculated using location-specific data on soil and weather, and historical data on crops and land management

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Dynamic Data Collection

Remote-sensing data is generated from satellites and updated every three to five days, minimizing lag time in data collection

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Wide Range of Crops

Sustainability Insights supports analysis on 30 crops across a growing number of regions

Sustainability Insights is Powered by Industry-Leading Science & Technology

Remote Sensing with OpTIS

OpTIS uses remote sensing-based technology and machine learning to identify crops and land management practices including tillage, cover cropping, crop rotation and land-use change.

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seedling emerging from the soil

Soil Modeling with DNDC

DNDC is an advanced soil model approved by leading standards for calculating soil outcomes. Peer-reviewed in more than 500 publications, DNDC is the industry’s most trusted and scalable soil model for use in agriculture.

General Mills Collaborates with SustainCERT to Share Ambitious Approach to Emissions Reduction

Learn how Regrow is supporting General Mills to quantify land-use emissions across 175 million supply shed acres. This approach is designed to add confidence in the company's strategies and actions to achieve its science-based targets.

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