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Adopt practices and make real change.

Accelerate regenerative practices. Streamline efforts.

Regrow’s solutions allow growers to implement new practices and build resilience, without sacrificing time and labor. Streamlined data collection, program enrollment and performance updates empowers growers and their partners to make smart agronomic decisions, and together we’ll see real change with crops and customers.


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Here's how it happens:

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Baseline Practices

Our solutions allow growers to baseline crop performance on a field-by-field basis. This can facilitate decisions in regenerative practice adoption.

Crop performance data is collected through remote sensing and direct API connections with existing farm management systems, making data collection simple.

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Make Efficient Decisions

Crop stress alerts, performance benchmarks and nutrient recommendations allow growers to maximize ROI, minimize inputs where possible, and transition to more efficient, resilient practices across your operation.

This results in more accessible, scalable practices, reduced emissions for agrifood businesses and more efficiency in employing sustainable practices across a supply chain.

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Adopt New Practices

Trusted, scientifically rigorous soil models predict the environmental impact of in-field practice changes. Adjustments in cover cropping and tillage are recorded, and the soil health effects of those changes are modeled with scientific rigor and transparency.

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Access Revenue Streams

Regrow measures, reports and verifies the effects of practice changes such as carbon sequestration. Data is analyzed in accordance with ecosystem market standards and regulations. This gives growers access to new profit streams through resilient farming practices and facilitates relationships with partners and corporations looking to reduce their environmental impact.

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Netafim and Regrow recently collaborated to find and act on irrigation insights for orchards.
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System compatibility

Regrow’s Crop Insights is compatible with multiple farm management systems, making data collection simple for growers and their partners. We also pull data from remote sensing tools and publicly-available satellite data.

Explore Crop Insights through Flurosense.

Learn more about the science behind Regrow’s tool, explore our partner organizations and invest in the future of your operation.

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