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You are committed to emissions reduction...

You are committed to meeting ESG targets. You also need to incentivize your supply chain in adopting climate-smart farming practices. You can do both.

Here's how it's done.

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Set up a Program
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Enroll Growers
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Generate Assets
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Establish a Pathway to Market
Build a Scalable Program

In order for emissions reduction programs to be effective, they must be scalable across regions and crop types. The scientific building blocks of these programs must be scalable, too.

Regrow uses OpTIS and DNDC for remote sensing and soil nutrient modeling — two methods that can be implemented accurately at scale with economic viability.

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Simplify Grower Involvement

Sustainable farming programs must begin on the ground, with the farmer. Regrow supports growers with a modernized enrollment program that simplifies the burden of data entry and encourages enrollment.

Our platform has API connections with common farm management systems, and our remote sensing tool eases the burden of manual data entry.

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Cargill Partners with Regrow to give farmers access to ecosystem markets.
Collect Data and Monitor Practices at Scale

Regrow uses remote sensing technology to monitor and verify management practices. This data is automated and updated every 3 days, ensuring accuracy and enabling real-time analysis for both you and your growers.

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Measure Outcomes with Scientific Rigor

Our soil carbon model (DNDC) allows us to quantify the environmental outcomes of on-farm practice changes. Calculations are provided with transparency and within a scientifically rigorous measure of uncertainty, meaning that you’ll have confidence in your results, while reducing the manual burden of soil sampling.

Your program will generate high-value assets independently and with transparency. Regrow’s methodology and scientific models have been chosen by Ecosystem Services Market Consortium (ESMC), ensuring that all credits are verified.

Due to the scientific rigor associated with our methods, your credits will remain valuable even as ecosystem markets evolve.

Support High-Value Credits with Transparent Reporting

Regrow provides reports for all projects which support the deliverables required by credit buyers. Information is comprehensive and packaged for verifiers, ensuring seamless delivery and collaboration. Regrow is working with verifiers to ensure alignment with industry standards and to adjust to the needs of the changing marketplace.

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