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Develop a program to reach your goals.

The big question:

What do you need to build an effective grower-based emissions reduction program?


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A platform that’s easy to use, system-compatible and agronomically sound for attracting and engaging farmers.
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A program that’s independent and aligns with leading climate standards (like ESMC, CAR, Verra, and Gold Standard).
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A platform that allows us to track progress towards our goals at the field level.
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A process that’s robust and rigorous enough to comply with industry standards, even as they evolve.

We have that.

Grower-First Experience

We understand that farmer participation is vital to your program's success. Regrow's FluroSense platform is seamless and compatible with most farm management systems, and is designed to reduce the burden of data collection. The platform encourages participation from the field up.

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Solutions Designed for Scalability

Regrow’s data collection and verification of practices are automated and processed at the field level using OpTIS, our remote sensing platform. Not only does OpTIS ensure data accuracy, but it allows for scalability and reduced project costs.

Science-Backed Outcomes

Our soil carbon and GHG calculations are done using the industry-leading scientific model DNDC. DNDC is the most trusted model in the industry; it assures impact with scientific backing and produces high-quality assets.

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Assurance for Stakeholders

DNDC is ever-evolving, becoming deeper and more robust through a consistent process of calibration and validation. This provides assurance that your program is well-founded in scientific data, and will comply with evolving industry standards.

See how it works
Cargill Partners with Regrow to give farmers access to ecosystem markets.
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The Process
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Gather data
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model practice changes
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