January 31, 2023

AgriWebb Partners with Regrow Ag to Scale the Adoption of Climate-Smart Practices in Beef Production


(San Francisco) 31 January 2023 — Leading ranch management software provider AgriWebb and leading agricultural MRV (Measurement, Reporting, and Verification) software provider Regrow Ag are joining forces to scale the adoption of climate-smart beef production practices within the United States and Australia. This private sector partnership will progress the calibration and validation of models in the beef industry, and by doing so, will provide a pathway to quantification of carbon impact associated with grazing and ranching practices.

AgriWebb is the creator of the world’s leading digital ranch management software solution, serving over 16,000 global farmers and 20 million animals. By strategically partnering with Regrow, AgriWebb’s ranch management software will be connected to Regrow’s proprietary MRV platform, offering immediate benefits to beef producers in Australia and the United States. Regrow’s MRV leverages remote sensing, machine learning, and soil modeling to measure and verify outcomes for a wide range of farming systems and interventions. This science-based and verifiable data is aligned with leading third-party protocols and standards used to generate and reward environmental services, such as insets or sustainability-based premiums. 

In Australia, where AgriWebb is the most widely used livestock farm management solution for grazing production systems, farmers will get access to the latest scientific and technological best practices for grazing project monitoring and greenhouse gas emissions accounting, enabling them to enroll in climate-smart programs. In the United States, AgriWebb’s rancher customers will gain access to the MRV platform and Regrow grasslands data (forage production in near real-time), which will be integrated into the AgriWebb US platform.

“We are thrilled to enable corporations with beef supply chains to implement their Net Zero strategies under the Science Based Targets initiative,”

said Nicole Buckley Biggs, AgriWebb’s Director of Sustainability. “By integrating AgriWebb’s ranch management software with Regrow’s MRV platform, ranchers can leverage data insights to improve their own sustainability while also gaining access to premiums for sustainability through Scope 3 investments. We believe this streamlining of data collection and MRV processes will allow for more rapid adoption of climate-smart practices and accelerate Net Zero action.”

For AgriWebb’s Australian market customers, this new integration is a key capability that will enable Regrow-powered carbon programming under the 2021 Clean Energy Regulator (CER) Soil Carbon Method. This method will provide significant benefits for graziers, with a number of grazing-specific eligible interventions. For improvements in grazing management and productivity, accurate prediction and reporting are enhanced when supported by ranch and livestock farm management software data.

“Regrow’s partnership with AgriWebb enables producers to access seamless registrations under the CER protocol, and ensures that the average, mixed-enterprise Australian farmer can easily enroll both cropping and pasture lands into projects that reward on-farm resilience,”

said Devon Long, Regrow General Manager for Australia & New Zealand. 

In the United States, AgriWebb’s customers will be the first ranchers within the US market to be able to track forage estimates remotely and transform grass performance with Regrow’s remote sensing technology. This data will provide them with the insights needed to plan a more sustainable and successful future, from vegetation composition and abundance, to historical patterns and near real-time forage availability.

“AgriWebb’s platform is designed to optimize grazing management, and Regrow MRV and monitoring data is going to provide additional decision support to producers,” said Regrow CEO and Co-founder, Anastasia Volkova. “It is great to be sharing with the broader community and industry what Regrow and AgriWebb have been working on together!

By combining our product capabilities, we can offer the science and software that meets beef value chain stakeholders where they are on their sustainability journey, all the way to the producer engagement level, and enable the entire industry to take a big step closer to Net Zero. And for Regrow, it’s one step closer to our mission of scaling regenerative agriculture globally.”

“Our AgriWebb and Regrow partnership is exactly what the beef industry needs to make an impact on the looming goals and targets of 2030, given we are only 7 calving seasons away!” said John Fargher AgriWebb’s Co-Founder and Chief Strategy Officer. “AgriWebb’s software platform actually helps the rancher and livestock producer become more productive and demonstrates a reduction in carbon emissions through Regrow’s MRV. Together we now have a solution to take to the rancher and the broader beef supply chain to tackle the sustainability challenges and opportunities.”

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