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Anastasia Volkova Featured on Venture Cafe’s The Yield Lab

“Navigating this industry came from the conviction that… I have the technology and the tools to address the question everyone’s having.” — Anastasia Volkova, PhD

Dr. Anastasia Volkova, CEO and Co-Founder of Regrow, was recently featured on an episode of The Yield Lab, hosted by Venture Cafe St. Louis. The Yield Lab is a monthly discussion series in which ag tech entrepreneurs, innovators and scientists discuss how they’ve scaled their businesses, discoveries and products, and how they’re working to make a global impact.

In this episode, Anastasia Volkova discusses her experience launching her first startup, FluroSat, which eventually merged with Dagan, Inc. to become Regrow. Early in her career, Anastasia decided to use her extensive knowledge in aeronautical engineering and her experience in the startup industry to bring actionable solutions to food producers. She hadn’t studied agriculture before graduate school, but in many ways that worked to her advantage. In Anastasia’s own words, “[I wasn’t] a typical ag person. [I was] a typical SaaS person who cared about the environment.” 

Hear how this realization led Anastasia to build Regrow, a company with a customer base comprised of the world’s biggest food and agriculture brands, and hear her potent advice on how entrepreneurs can scale their businesses.

Watch the episode here.

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