An Update with Climate Salad

Revisiting Regrow with CEO Anastasia Volkova and Mick Liubinskas

A startup company can change significantly in the course of a year. Regrow CEO Anastasia Volkova knows this firsthand; she led Regrow through two rounds of funding and international growth in that time.

In August of 2021, Anastasia spoke with climate tech advisor Mick Liubinskas from Climate Salad, an Australia-based company that connects climate-focused Australian startups with investors, employees and customers. In June 2022, Anastasia and Mick reconnected to share Regrow updates with the Climate Salad community. 

In this fireside chat, Anastasia discusses the starting vision behind Regrow, how it’s evolved over time, and what it’s been like to transition the business from Australia to the United States and scale impact on a new continent. 

Watch the fireside chat here.

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