October 20, 2021

CEO Anastasia Volkova, PhD Featured in Australian Space Discovery Centre


Dr. Anastasia Volkova, CEO and Co-founder of Regrow, was recently featured as a notable expert in the space sector by the Australian Space Discovery Centre (ASDC). 

Anastasia has built a career using space technology — like satellite imagery — to help humanity transform our food systems. She believes that this technology can enable us to build better, healthier, more sustainable food and agricultural systems.

“We are trying to solve problems around the use of resources in agriculture,” she said in an interview with ASDC, “making it more resilient… and more environmentally friendly.”

From Ukraine, to Poland, to Australia and the United States, Anastasia’s education and career have brought her across the world to study space technology and its applications in agriculture. She received a BS in aerospace engineering from the National Aviation University in Kyiv, Ukraine, and a PhD in aerospace, aeronautical and astronautical engineering from the University of Sydney in Australia. Anastasia worked at several startups before starting her own company, FluroSat, in 2016. That company grew to become Regrow, where she still works to enable resilient and regenerative agriculture practices using space technology and innovative science.

For Anastasia, the most important part of space tech is how we can use the data we collect to transform our business, our lifestyles and our futures. 

“When people think of space, they think of rockets and satellites. But actually, the most important part of the business model is what you do with the data.”

said Anastasia in the aforementioned ASDC interview.

See Dr. Anastasia Volkova’s full profile and interview at the Australian Space Discovery Centre.

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