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Czarnikow’s VIVE Programme Partners with Regrow Ag to Enable Farmers and Processors to Meet Climate Goals

This initiative will leverage Regrow's Resilient Agriculture Platform to support participants in the sugar supply chain in reducing emissions through insetting opportunities, including regenerative agriculture.

Press release courtesy of Czarnikow.

The VIVE Programme, a sustainability program based on continuous improvement for the food and beverage industry, has today announced their intent to partner on specific climate projects with Regrow Ag to enable food and agriculture companies, buyers and producers to measure, report and verify the impact of regenerative farming practices in their supply chains as part of VIVE’s new Climate Action initiative. This initiative works with participants in the sugar supply chain to reduce emissions through insetting opportunities, including regenerative agriculture.

Designed as a farmer-first experience, Regrow’s Measuring, Reporting and Verification (MRV) platform streamlines producer enrollment into incentive programs and calculates the emissions reduction and carbon removal outcomes that farmers achieve through regenerative agriculture. This globally scalable solution can measure and verify outcomes for a wide range of crops, farming systems and interventions. With technology approved by the Climate Action Reserve and aligned with programs approved by SustainCERT, Regrow is the only provider that can support organizations on the entire journey, from assessing and taking action to reduce on-farm greenhouse gas emissions to reporting credible, certified ESG outcomes.

“Conventionally grown sugarcane is a greenhouse gas and water-intensive crop, so it is essential that we support the sugar industry in the transition to more climate-friendly farming practices,” says Dr. Anastasia Volkova, CEO and Co-Founder of Regrow Ag.

"We are excited to partner with Czarnikow in providing a resilient ag software platform to measure the co-benefits to water and soil health when sugarcane growers adopt specific regenerative ag practices."

Czarnikow (CZ), a leading supply chain services company with over 160 years of experience in the food and beverage industry, and Intellync, a data-driven agricultural supply chain company, launched The VIVE Programme in 2015. CZ's end-to-end position within global supply chains facilitates change through its core strengths of on-the-ground experience, relationship management and problem-solving. 

Ben French, Manager of VIVE, says, "VIVE Climate Action is designed to incentivize cane farmers and sugar producers to implement carbon interventions, and Regrow’s platform experience is farmer-first, which enables streamlined enrollment into climate programs designed to reduce emissions and sequester carbon."

"One of the pathways we encourage is to adopt specific regenerative agriculture practices, and working with Regrow will help us to implement, measure and verify the positive environmental impact of such conversions."

Around 85 food companies are part of the Buyers Supporting VIVE platform, including Coca-Cola, Nestlé, Heineken, Kerry Foods, Barry Callebaut and Friesland Campina, in addition to global producers, processors, logistics companies and chain of custody organizations.


About Regrow Ag

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About VIVE Programme

The VIVE Programme is a voluntary sustainability programme run by CZ (Czarnikow) and Intellync. Its aim is to build sustainable supply chains while also delivering commercial advantage. Driving continuous improvement is fundamental to the VIVE programme. To create initial impetus, VIVE’s data capture includes an assessment of current performance with projections for performance over the next two years. It is designed to enable participants to join at different entry levels, reflecting the stage of advancement of their sustainability journey while expanding their sustainability agenda over time.

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