FluroSat joins AgTech Garage as part of expansion into Latin America

FluroSat believes that Latin America is a focal point for global agriculture in the 21st century.

FluroSat believes that Latin America is a focal point for global agriculture in the 21st century. Adoption of precision agriculture is rapidly spreading across Latin America. Crop advisors and growers are adopting precision technology to work towards continuous improvement and maintaining farm profitability. From commodities like soybeans and sugarcane to oranges and coffee, the wide range of agricultural products across Latin America opens the door for widespread adoption of a platform like FluroSense, that works across a range of commodity and tree crops. 

As a part of FluroSat's efforts to drive expansion in the Latin American market, we recently joined AgTech Garage in Brazil to connect with key stakeholders across the region. FluroSat’s strength is in forming partnerships with other agricultural technology providers and believes that joining innovation hubs like AgTech Garage will help accelerate growth in the Latin American market. 

Latin America constitutes a large market for precision agriculture decision support tools. At FluroSat we have been seeing the increased demand for our software in this market, and decided to dedicate resources to support and grow it further.

- Anastasia Volkova, FluroSat CEO

FluroSat was founded in 2016 and now has a global presence in Australia, the U.S. and Brazil. With top investors across technology, science and government entities, FluroSat is set up for success to bring science to the field and have a meaningful impact on agronomy in Latin American markets.

FluroSat’s analytics platform, FluroSense Insights (FSI) and FSI + Nutrition are now available across Latin America. FSI is a crop analytics package that delivers proactive insights to stakeholders such as ag-retailers, seed producers, and food processors to enable agronomic decisions driven by advanced crop models. FSI + Nutrition delivers site-specific in-season Nitrogen recommendations based on scientific modeling and field-specific history. 

Crop Stress analysis delivered through the FluroSense platform for an Argentine soybean field during the 2020 growing season.

A big part of what drives the success of these products is FluroSat’s focus on growing API partners and developing deeply connected workflows. Both FSI and FSI + Nutrition deliver insights by combining farm machinery data with AI and advanced crop modeling. By focusing on API partnerships, FluroSense is able to deliver its analytics and recommendations straight into the customer’s preferred farm management systems.

Integrations are key to create seamless workflows and add real value to crop advisors that are working with many growers.

Pedro Magalhães, FluroSat LatAm Lead

FluroSat looks forward to continued growth in Latin America and forming key partnerships, like the partnership with AgTech Garage, along the way.

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