October 16, 2019

FluroSat appoints Global Director for Business & Product Development

Anastasia Volkova, PhD
Chief Executive Officer

California, U.S./Sydney, Australia, October 16 2019 -- FluroSat is pleased to announce the appointment of Dr Manal Elarab as its Global Director of Business & Product Development, based out of California, U.S.A. This strategic appointment comes as part of FluroSat’s business expansion into the Americas following a range of successful deployments with industry leaders.

In her role, Dr. Elarab is responsible for leading FluroSat’s teams across the globe to develop a suite of strategically important products in business partnerships with industry leaders, cementing FluroSat’s position as a market leader in scalable agronomic analytics. As FluroSat’s first senior executive hire outside Australia, Manal’s appointment will enable FluroSat to scale up its efforts dedicated especially to the agriculture market in the Americas. Her unique expertise comprises years of experience in developing scientific remote sensing solutions for agronomists coupled with a keen eye for commercialisation of novel products powered by customer’s needs. Dr. Elarab’s immediate goals will be to extend and accelerate the innovation delivered by FluroSat’s analytics engine FluroSense to a range of key industry stakeholders.

“Manal’s skills are a unique match to FluroSat’s DNA. Dr Elarab is an agronomist, with a proven track record of commercialisation of analytics products stemming from her engagement with the global community of passionate agronomists,” said Dr Anastasia Volkova, CEO & Founder of FluroSat. “To those who know our business closely, it is evident, that the approach of building tools with and for our community lies at the heart of our business, and deeply resonates with Dr Elarab. We are thrilled to have her join us in bringing to life FluroSat’s vision of precision #ag4.0”.

Prior to joining FluroSat, Manal held an executive position as Director for Enterprise Solutions with MicaSense, a global company that is at the forefront of multispectral sensor development. She was instrumental in leading teams doing scientific and commercial research to rethink how the integration of remote sensing and precision agriculture can deliver innovative products to meet customers’ needs and requirements.

Manal will drive the commercial roadmap at FluroSat, engaging with FluroSat’s customers and partners to deliver the next generation of its science-based analytics engine, FluroSense, to help agronomists and agribusiness monitor crop health and optimise management practices at a large scale.

Dr Manal Elarab, Global Director of Business & Product Development, FluroSat

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