June 28, 2020

FluroSat partners with SkyWatch to offer an on-demand high-resolution satellite imagery

Anastasia Volkova, PhD
Chief Executive Officer

FluroSense is integrated with SkyWatch EarthCache satellite imagery acquisition platform to bring the value of on-demand medium-resolution and high-resolution satellite imagery to FluroSat's customers globally.

The integration of the two platforms allows the access high resolution imagery for a range of satellites including:

SatelliteRevisitResolutionAvailable bandsTasking/ArchiveKompsat-2, 3, 3AOn-demand0.5 -1.6m /pxRGB, NIR, (NDVI), PanchromaticTaskingTripleSatOn-demand0.8m PAN + 3.2m/px MSRGB, NIR, (NDVI),TaskingSatellites available for imagery archive retrieval or imagery capture (tasking)

Benefits of ordering SkyWatch on-demand imagery for FluroSense users:

  • Multiple satellite imagery data sources, single access point
  • Ever-growing list of configuration attributes: resolution, time range, cloud coverage, file format, and more
  • Pick time interval: every day, twice a month, last day of the quarter
  • Pay-as-you-use and pre-purchase purchase options
  • Imagery is delivered directly into FluroSense with all relevant vegetation indices, layer metadata and crop analytics calculated there

With this integration, users can easily access on-demand imagery for their farms in any country across the globe with flexible scheduling directly in FluroSense.

Wondering if high-resolution imagery is a cost-effective choice for your farm at your scale and location? See the High-resolution imagery buyer's guide below to get answers to these and many more questions.

Want to access the on-demand imagery? Read more in our blog here.

For existing SkyWatch customers: CONTACT US, and we will enable your data pipelines in your FluroSense account, and you will be able to directly see the value of crop analytics that our platform brings!

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