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Climate Transformed Webinar: Women in Climate - Dr. Anastasia Volkova

At the Frontier of Regenerative Farming

Are you wondering how you might be able to put your professional skills to work in the fight against climate change? Do you want to learn from inspiring sustainability leaders who are already making a real difference?

If yes, check out Climate Transformed's "40 Women Leaders in Climate" series webinar interview featuring Dr. Anastasia Volkova, CEO and Co-Founder of Regrow. Anastasia, a rising thought leader working at the intersection of climate tech and agriculture, discusses how Regrow's software leverages dynamic supply shed data to accurately quantify farm-based Scope 3 emissions and plan regenerative farming investments, offering an exciting glimpse into the future of Resilient Agriculture. 

Climate Transformed is a global network of climate leaders working towards a zero-carbon and climate-resilient future. The organization is committed to building a sustainable and just future for all by empowering underrepresented groups who have historically been excluded from decision-making and leadership positions in climate change efforts. The "40 Women Leaders in Climate" series aims to showcase and celebrate the achievements of women who are making a significant impact in the field of climate action, while inspiring and empowering other women to get involved in climate action and leadership.

This free webinar is an excellent learning opportunity for anyone interested in food and its impact on the environment! Watch the recording here.

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