Growing a Climate Tech Company

Regrow CEO Anastasia Volkova featured in interview with Climate Salad

Since launching the Australia-based agronomy company FluroSat in 2016, CEO Anastasia Volkova and the company have both undergone significant changes. 

FluroSat, for one, merged with soil modeling company Dagan, Inc. to become Regrow Ag. Anastasia herself moved from Australia to the United States to grow the company — and the company moved quickly through several funding rounds, including its latest $38M Series B. 

Anastasia recently spoke with Mick Liubinskas, a climate tech advisor at Climate Salad. Climate Salad is an Australia-based company that connects climate-focused Australian startups with investors, employees and customers.

In the conversation, Anastasia shared her journey building FluroSat, transitioning the company to Regrow Ag, and how the industry responded to the climate-focused science, technology and products Regrow has to offer. 

Watch their discussion here.

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