September 15, 2021

How Farmers Contribute to Ecosystem Markets


Farmers play a large role in ecosystem markets. The practices they employ contribute directly to the health of our ecosystems and our environment, and the results of their efforts serve as the foundation for ecosystem credits.

That’s why transforming agriculture will help us reverse climate change.

By employing more resilient farming practices, we increase the health of our environment. We can reduce greenhouse gas emissions, clean up our water systems, and build better soil structure in our fields. 

Here’s Elyssa McFarland, Director of Project Management, to explain more about farmers and their contributions to ecosystem markets.

Interested in learning more? Watch Part 1 of our Ecosystem Markets series, and download our Carbon Farming and Ecosystem Markets 101 eBook. Keep an eye on our social channels for more information about ecosystem markets.

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May 3, 2022

Regrow MRV Named Finalist in Fast Company’s 2022 World Changing Ideas Awards

The sixth annual awards honor the products, concepts, companies, policies, and designs that are tackling issues from climate change to inequality and more.


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