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Jeff Seale Joins Regrow as Director of Environmental Strategy & Climate Policy

Seale brings 25 years of experience and passion for food systems reformation.

We’re thrilled to welcome Dr. Jeff Seale as our new Director of Environmental Strategy and Climate Policy. 

Jeff brings extensive experience in biophysics and agriculture biotechnology to the Regrow team, as well as experience developing strategies and policies for technological advancement in food systems and agriculture. He has led most of his 25-year career at the forefront of ag technology and food systems innovation, and has utilized his resources to advocate strongly for climate change mitigation.

During his career, Jeff helped to build agriculture’s leading protein engineering platform. He’s also spoken in front of world delegates at the UN Climate Conference and has assisted in the development of one of agriculture’s first carbon businesses. Jeff has a deep knowledge of the standards and protocols required for agricultural carbon markets, and has contributed greatly to the development of carbon markets working with organizations like Verra and Gold Standard. These organizations establish the standards and practices that allow the private sector, countries, and civil society to reach the ambitious sustainability goals we’ve set for ourselves, and which are required to save the future of our planet.

Through his work, Jeff has built a wider understanding of the importance of soil health for farmers, the business opportunities associated with climate-smart initiatives, and the opportunity for agriculture to become a solution to climate change. He’s facilitated this understanding among business leaders, government officials and advocates alike. His work reminds us that cross-agency and cross-industry collaboration is necessary in order to transform agriculture.

At Regrow, we share Jeff’s passion for building sustainable food systems and his drive to transform agriculture into a solution for climate change. In working with Jeff, we are able to combine the knowledge of private, government, and public organizations, and transform agriculture in a way that benefits all aspects of our food systems. We look forward to following his lead in progressing our environmental strategy and building a better support system for climate policy.

If science is the root of Regrow’s work, then education, advocacy and policy are the shoots and the leaves. We work diligently to transform food systems with scientific and technological solutions, and we’re thrilled to welcome Jeff to bring this science to the forefront of the industry.

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