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Regrow CEO Anastasia Volkova on Abstraction Podcast

Demystifying the ‘black box’ of supply chain emissions in agriculture

"We don't need to make it perfect, we just need to make it better. And sometimes having this aggregate measurement rather than perfect, contract-level traceability of emissions is actually better." 

On Season 2, Episode 7 of the carbon-focused “Abstraction” podcast series, Regrow CEO and Co-Founder Anastasia Volkova highlighted the importance of businesses taking action towards reducing carbon emissions, even if the solution is not perfect. The agriculture industry is responsible for a significant portion of global greenhouse gas emissions, making it crucial to find solutions to mitigate these emissions as soon as possible.

Anastasia Volkova, PhD
"Regrow, in a way, is a platform that bridges the gap between the corporate world and the agricultural world,” said Volkova. “And we try to translate what is important for businesses and for corporates into something that is understandable and relatable to farmers."

Abstraction is a podcast series that explores the intersection of technology and the environment, with a focus on carbon reduction and climate change mitigation. The show is hosted by Hunter Cohen, a software engineer and entrepreneur with a passion for sustainability. In Episode 7, Cohen and Volkova discuss what businesses that rely on agriculture really need in order to mitigate climate risk in their supply chains and how it can be done in a scalable way.

During the 40-minute conversation, Anastasia shares her personal journey of starting Regrow Ag while completing her PhD, finding product-market fit through an acquisition, and raising capital during a tumultuous time in her home country of Ukraine. The episode also delves into the challenges and opportunities of measuring and managing emissions in agricultural supply chains, and Regrow's approach to helping customers understand and improve their Scope 3 emissions.

Click here to listen to the “Demystifying the ‘black box’ of supply chain emissions in agriculture” episode of Abstraction.

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