August 3, 2022

Regrow CEO Named Bloomberg New Economy Catalyst


Regrow CEO Anastasia Volkova, PhD, has been invited to join the Bloomberg New Economy Catalyst Community Class of 2022.

Volkova joins 27 other innovators in this class; a global community of public and private sector innovators, visionaries, scientists, policymakers and entrepreneurs – catalysts –  who are reshaping the new economy. Catalysts are, according to Bloomberg, “at the leading edge of technology and policy, working across borders to transform both business and government, and build a more equitable and sustainable global economy in real time.”

Volkova has been invited to join this community in recognition of her work here at Regrow. With colleagues and co-founders, she’s established a company that offers the only global solution for measurement, monitoring, reporting and quantifying soil carbon and agricultural GHG emissions in order to rejuvenate the potential of agricultural soils and drive the transition to resilient agriculture.

“I’m honored to be among other innovators and changemakers in this year’s class of New Economy Catalysts,”

said Volkova. “At Regrow we work tirelessly to enable the  food system transformation across the globe. With our partners, we facilitate a transition to regenerative and resilient agriculture practices, reduce the emissions associated with food production and turn our agrifood supply chains into a force for change.”

Watch our video to learn more about Regrow and the work we do. To learn more about the Bloomberg New Economy Catalyst Community, click here.

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February 15, 2024

Jessica Kirshenblat-Gooderham Joins Regrow as VP of Customer Success

In short, I believe in the power of individuals to drive change.

Jessica Kirshenblat-Gooderham
VP of Customer Success
February 12, 2024

Cargill SustainConnect™ to Meet Rising Demand for Sustainable Canola & Open New Revenue Streams for Australian Canola Growers

Cargill is introducing a sustainable agriculture program to help Australian canola growers connect with new and emerging markets with the launch of Cargill SustainConnect™.

February 8, 2024

How SustainCERT and Regrow Ag Are Transforming Cotton Cultivation

SustainCERT, through its Value Change Initiative and partnership with Regrow Ag, is working to promote resilience across the cotton value chain.


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