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Regrow CEO Shares Insights on Hire Learning Podcast

What are the secrets behind hiring a diverse and innovative team?

“I don’t think there’s many other places where you would find a farmer, a soil carbon biogeochemical modeler, agronomist, designer, and product manager all coming in and sitting at the same table trying to solve a problem for so many stakeholders across our agricultural and food system - so we depend on that diversity to really reflect the industry that we serve.” Anastasia Volkova, Ph.D.

What are the secrets behind hiring in an innovative company that is transforming the way we approach agriculture and food systems? In this episode of the Hire Learning Podcast, host Oz Rashid sits down with Dr. Anastasia Volkova, Regrow CEO and Co-Founder, to delve into the topic of hiring at a fast-growing climate tech startup.

Anastasia sheds light on Regrow’s approach to building a diverse workforce and the inclusive practices that bring together individuals from various backgrounds and foster a culture of innovation. She also reveals how Regrow identifies key qualities in prospective employees through our three hiring pillars and the insightful four questions we ask during the hiring process, and shares some valuable tips for hiring managers.

Listen to the podcast now to gain valuable insights from a leader who is leading the way toward a more resilient future food system, or click here to watch the interview on YouTube.

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