Regrow Chosen as Top Agriculture Startup

Regrow CEO discusses the growth of Regrow Ag, and how our work is shaping the future of regenerative agriculture.

“Given that agriculture is one of the industries that is currently a large contributor of greenhouse gasses, it’s only natural that this is the industry that would look at ways to reduce emissions.” — Anastasia Volkova, Regrow CEO and Co-Founder 

Regrow Ag has been chosen as a Top Agriculture Startup company by Top Startup Series.

Top Startup Series, hosted by MDI Ventures, works to recognize the top startups in a variety of industries globally. Organizers have chosen Regrow as a Top Agriculture Startup after reviewing more than 5,000 companies across the global agriculture, food, and beverage landscape. 

In a recent discussion with the Top Startups community, Regrow CEO and Co-Founder Anastasia Volkova provides an introduction to the company, explains her journey building Regrow and the science that supports our work, and discusses how regenerative agriculture could transform our food systems, from a farmer’s field to the cereal boxes on grocery shelves.

Watch the discussion here.

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