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Regrow CRO Featured on Native Digital Podcast

Tim Yandel discusses the importance of purpose-driven brands and explores how CPG and Ag Retail companies can make a global impact.

“The last 70 years has been a renaissance period [for this industry].”

Regrow Chief Revenue Officer Tim Yandel recently spoke with Justin Watkins from Native Digital for the marketing firm’s Out of Nowhere podcast. Tim discussed recent innovations in agriculture and climate tech, why it’s essential for CPG companies to lead the way in agriculture-based climate action, and how we can all promote sustainable supply chains across our agrifood systems.

In speaking about the CPG companies that invest in climate-smart agriculture, Tim said, “It’s not necessarily the leaders that are the bravest… the next batch of followers is taking on a risk as well.” Tim emphasized that everyone involved in sustainable agriculture is helping to chart the course for change — not just the companies with the most resources and data. While every company has a different course of action, our destination is the same.

Learn more about Tim’s experience with Regrow and hear his take on the future of the industry on Native Digital’s YouTube channel.

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