Regenerative Ag

Resilient Agriculture with Manal Elarab

Regrow COO shares her career journey and her thoughts on the future of climate action in agriculture

“I imagine myself and my kids walking down the grocery aisle, picking up snacks and cereal boxes, and pasta, and selecting products that the growers have used regenerative practices.” — Manal Elarab, COO, Regrow

Manal Elarab, PhD, is the Chief Operating Officer of Regrow. She was recently featured on Pixel Scientia Labs' Impact AI podcast, where she shared her professional career journey, the how and why behind Regrow Ag, and the company’s overall mission.

She also discusses the relationship between climate action and agriculture, and how Regrow is using machine learning, remote sensing and environmental modeling to make regenerative agriculture accessible on a global scale.

Listen to the podcast and learn more about Pixel Scientia.

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