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Regrow CEO Speaks at 2022 Food Justice Summit

“We are all actors in the food system. We have a more direct relationship with food and agriculture than any other [industry].”

— Anastasia Volkova, Regrow CEO and Co-Founder

Agriculture and food production has contributed significantly to the global climate crisis we are facing. However, this industry also holds the opportunity to mitigate the effects of this crisis. 

Transforming our food systems and adopting more sustainable agricultural practices is the key to making a real, positive change in our climate trajectory. In order for us to make this change, everyone must contribute to a healthier agricultural system— in regions across the globe, with varied crops and food products.

Anastasia Volkova, Regrow CEO and Co-Founder, explained this to the Adirondack Health community during the keynote presentation at Adirondack Health Institute’s 2022 Food Justice Summit.

Adirondack Health Institute is an independent 501(c)(3) not-for-profit organization that works to improve access to health care services among residents of the Adirondack Region in upstate New York. In her discussion, Anastasia discussed the need to adjust common agricultural practices to mitigate climate change, and why it's up to everyone — including those in the Adirondack Region — to make sustainable agriculture accessible for all farmers.

“We may [think] that an individual consumer buying a box of cereal isn’t going to make a big difference,” said Anastasia during the discussion, “but actually it does, because it all adds up.” 

Watch Anastasia’s keynote address.

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